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Cheerage Fearage - Kimberly Dana Tiki Tinklemeyer is a manga loving social misfit who has been sent to cheerleading camp by her well-meaning adoptive parents in an attempt to get her to make some new friends. Unfortunately for Tiki, 10 years earlier the cheerleading captain was murdered at camp and weird things have been happening ever since. When bad things start happening to the girls in Tiki’s cabin, they originally think they are just being pranked by other girls, but then the pranks start to get creepier and scarier and Tiki starts seeing things. Is it all just a prank or is it something much more sinister happening at camp valentine?This is a very funny book that successfully uses comedy to offset the horror that is happening. It is very rare for a book to be able to be both funny and scary at the same time but Kimberly Dana has managed very well in Cheerage Fearage. The characters are somewhat clichéd and very over the top but that is part of their appeal and what makes them so lovable. I loved Tiki – the socially awkward geek who finds herself very surprised that she is actually enjoying cheer camp and starting to make friends only to then have to deal with an apparently haunted cabin. This book had me hooked and I didn’t put it down once until I was finished. The story starts out ok but steadily gets better and better and the ending is fantastic. This book should be read if only for the ending, the last page surprised me and absolutely blew my mind. I am looking forwards to reading more by this author and I am desperately hoping that we will hear more about Tiki and her friends.reviewed for readers favourite