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Drayling - Terry J. Newman For over 140 years the world has been at peace: war, homelessness, starvation and corruption are all things of the past. The world has been divided into small entirely segregated counties that are independent of one another; inter-district travel is banned as is all non-administrative communication. In the small community of Drayling in what was previously known as England, all the citizens are as happy and peaceful as the rest of the world until bit by bit everything starts to change. The local historian and his son Marius take it upon themselves with the help of some friends to find out what is going on. Each new discovery only reveals more mysteries until it appears that they have been lied to and misled their entire life but with the help of Stin – a new man in the district and an ancient computer known as Cipherslider they may be able to unravel the truth.This is such an astonishingly well thought out book. The world building is fantastic and the author has created a thorough history as to why the world has ended up this way; something which is often neglected in other books of this genre. The book is so detailed it almost appears at times to be a true story something which I as the reader personally found incredible enjoyable. I found myself thoroughly engrossed in this masterpiece of a book as it is simply perfect in every way. This is a book that will be loved by all fans of dystopian fiction and mysteries but also anyone who just wants to read a book that will blow them away with every detail.Reviewed for readers favourite