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Reckless Perfection - Laura Francois Reckless Perfection is the story of four very different girls who are all facing the struggles of being teenagers. Juliana the good girl is trying to get over her ex-boyfriend whilst maintaining her high grades so her parents will be proud. Mercedez is struggling with coming to grips with her comatose mother and pregnant step mother whilst also navigating young love and relationships. Bad girl Angela is trying her hardest to reform, but she is discovering it’s hard trying to change whilst dealing with a drug addicted mum and a younger sister who is going the same way. Amanda is a rich snob who was kicked out of her old private school and is now trying public. Used to always getting what she wants, Amanda is going to have to learn that the world doesn’t always work that way. As the girls lives intertwine, their actions impact on each other’s lives for both the better and the worse.This book perfectly captures the drama and troubles teen girls face daily as well more serious issues such as drug use and abusive relationships. I feel that teenagers will enjoy this book as many of them will be going through similar issues to the characters. The plot and storyline of reckless perfection is excellent and all the characters are well developed and as a reader you begin to really feel for them. The only down side to this book is that the ending is very abrupt; at first I didn’t realise it had finished. There is a sequel however, and I am looking forwards to reading it so I can find out the rest of the girls’ story. Overall I think this is a very good book and is definitely worth a read.