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Shadow and Light - Lanie Jordan I enjoyed reading Shadow and Light very much, the characters were great, the fantasy world was interesting and there was a nice level of action. Jeneca is a brilliant protagonist, she is very tough and can look after herself whilst at the same time being caring and kind-hearted. I loved that she doesn’t kill any Light Walkers that are after her as she doesn’t want to be what they say all Shadow Walkers are.This book is very character and story based with an incredible world in the background that is just begging to be further explained. I found this book to be very unique and I loved that. The powers that the Shadow Walkers have are well explained and the fight scenes are really cool. The first ¾ of this book is very well written and the world building is good.In my opinion what let this book down and stopped it being unbeatably incredible was the ending, well the things that were revealed near the end. Suddenly the dynamics between the two different peoples didn’t make sense to me anymore and things contradicted one another. It was a shame because up until that point it was a 5 star worthy book.I would have loved to hear more about the history as well because some things are briefly mentioned that I would have liked to hear more about. This book has so much potential to be incredible; the idea behind it is brilliant and the story is great, it just needs a few tweaks.