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Review of The Elites

The Elites - Natasha Ngan

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This review was a real struggle for me to write because The Elites is one of those books that is so good it is a struggle to put your thoughts into words.


From the moment I first heard about this book I knew that I just had to read it. The cover was amazing and the concept had me hooked. Over time my excitement grew and so did my expectations to the point where I actually didn’t think the book could live up. You know when your expectations are sky high? So much so that you are prepared for disappointment as you know that the chances of the book being as good as you have built it up to be are very slim. The Elites proved that slim chances don’t mean impossible.


I don’t normally mention the cover in reviews but just look at that beauty! Not only is it stunning to look at but it also matches the feel of the book perfectly. From the girl who is the perfect silver dressed in her Elite gear, to the jungle background with the rain type effect it is simply perfect. I wish I had this cover as a poster so that I could easily stare at it all day.


The Elites draws you in from the very first sentence.


“There is a rumour that the Elites don’t bleed.”


From the start this book promises action, intrigue and a riveting storyline that will leave you unable to stop reading for even the shortest moment and it really does deliver on those promises. Silver is a kick-ass highly trained fighter, an Elite. However she is also Chinese; a “red”, Part of a race that is looked down upon by all in Neo-Babel. This mixture of Silver being both considered scum and yet also one of the “ruling class” adds a very interesting element to the book.


The storyline is great, it has all the typical makings of a YA dystopian novel but with unique aspects that really made it stand out. There isn’t any already published book that this just felt like a retelling of. This book is pretty action packed and there are some very intense moments as Silver discovers what those in charge of Neo-Babel are capable of.

I loved the slight romance in this book and it was refreshing for it to be secondary to the storyline; the book would have felt complete without the romance and what we got just made the book a little extra special.


I really enjoyed how this book is told from several points of view. Not only does it give you a greater insight into the story and character motivation but it also means you get the thrill of knowing what is happening when a character doesn’t. Natasha Ngan also has a beautiful writing style; she could probably make a boring storyline into a good book simply from the quality of her writing. Everything is described and explained so vividly that you can picture what is going on clearly.


This is the best YA book I have read so far this year and the best dystopian novel  I have read since Divergent (and I have read a lot of dystopia’s since then). I couldn’t recommend this book more. I am highly looking forwards to reading more by Natasha Ngan and seeing what she can bring to future stories.


*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way*