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Breed of Innocence - Lanie Jordan Two years ago Jade’s family was killed by a monster, not a human who does despicable things but a real monster, a Demon. She has spent the last two years being shuffled between foster families and group homes whilst secretly trying to find the Demon that ruined her life. When a secret organization called the CGE offers Jade the chance to be trained as a real demon hunter and eventually go after the one that killed her family she jumps at the opportunity.With classes like Demonology and Combat, Demon hunting school is nothing like a regular school and Jade is going to have to work very hard if she wants to catch up to the other students in phase 1 and pass at the same time. As well as Demon hunting, the CGE offers some other things that jade hasn’t known for a long time such as friendship, a place to belong, and possibly even a little love. The characters are fantastic; Jade is smart, tough and fiery and makes the ideal protagonist whilst Linc is her perfect match, still tough but a lot calmer and more controlled. Even the smaller characters are well written and interesting from smart Doc to ruthless and aggressive Felecia and finally Director Greene who definitely has a secret or two up his sleeve.Breed of Innocence is a great book and a good start to the series, with an engaging plot and the occasional shocking twist that will have you gasping. This book is an action packed journey of self-discovery with Jade slowly learning that there is more to life – and Demon hunting – than just revenge. I am looking forwards to the next book in The Breed Chronicles and seeing how Jade does in phase 2 of her training.*This book was provided to me my the author for an honest review, this has not affected the review in any way*