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Pure (Covenant, #2) - Jennifer L. Armentrout It's not very often that i think a 2nd book in the series is better than the first, but this book has done it. I loved half blood and pure is even better, there is more tension, more action and more seth. I love all of the three main characters, alex, adrian, and seth. Normaly in books there is one of the main characters that i dont love as much as the others but they are all amazing. The characters are just so well written. The storyline in the book suprised me, which i enjoyed as i dislike predictability, and the storyline is hooking. Half blood deamons have started attacking people inside the covenants as part of their plan mentioned by alex's mum in half blood. Furies have been sent by the gods in the form of statues to protect the pures which will be dangerous to both seth and alex if they are released, and some one is determined to get alex out of the way, either by having her placed into servitude or even killed. Definately a must read and i can not wait until book 3 'deity' is released.