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Gamers - Thomas K. Carpenter When life is a game high school takes on a whole new purpose. Learning the skills needed to play LifeGame and earning points are the main aims. After all, only the top scoring 15 girls and boys from each high school will get to go to university, all the others will be placed in the jobs that nobody wants. Or will they? When top student Gabby DeCorte meets a group of people who call themselves Frags, she discovers what really happens to those who lose the game. Now the stakes have been raised, and with the schools final raid drawing ever closer, Gabby must make sure that both her and best friend Zeala have enough points to be in the top 15. Or they might disappear, forever. And to make things even harder, it’s starting to look like someone wants Gabby to lose.This was an enjoyable book. It was an interesting read and a good opening to a trilogy. The world of Gamers is well developed and there is lots of description of all the technology and the games. The characters felt a little underdeveloped and lots of questions were asked in the book that remained unanswered by the end. This is the first in a trilogy though, so it is likely that those two small problems will be resolved in the next book, and there is also the start of a romance that I hope to see developed. A large percentage of this book focuses on the final raid; a game designed like a fantasy complete with giants and a quest to kill a dragon and I loved the change into a more fantasy based book that this brought. This book felt like a cross between Uglies by Scott Westerfeld and Divergent by Veronica Roth, so fans of those books will enjoy Gamers. I would also recommend this book to fans of dystopian fiction and fantasy.reviewed for readers favourite