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Solo - Sarah Schofield Eliana Davis is no stranger to moving house a lot as her dad is in the army and she has never lived anywhere for more than a few years. She has grown to love her current home in California however, and is devastated to learn that her dad is being posted overseas so her and her mum are going to live with her grandparents in the small town of Myrtle Creek in Oregon. Eliana knows that she is only going to be living there for a year, so she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone and she most certainly doesn’t plan to get herself a boyfriend. However things don’t always go as planned and Eliana finds herself making new friends, a possible boyfriend and discovering that Myrtle Creek maybe can become her home.Solo is a beautiful read, a truly lovely story about discovering the true value of friendship, young love, and the meaning of home. This book perfectly captures what it is like to be a 16 year old girl struggling with friends, high school drama, and falling in love for the first time. I really liked the character of Eliana, she is strong, refusing to be beaten down by her new high schools popular girl and also refusing to retaliate. I loved the relationship she has with her mother, one open and full of trust and also the fact she spends lots of time with her gramps. Overall a lovely enjoyable read perfect for teenagers or those who wish to remember the drama, angst and also life changing experiences of being a teenager.reviewed for readers favourite