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Feyland: The Dark Realm - Anthea Sharp Jennet Carter is one of the elite, as a VirtuMax kid she is rich with everything she could ever want and to top it off she has access to all the latest gaming technology. Everything is perfect for jennet other than one small detail, she has somehow lost her mortal essence inside the prototype of the latest game in development - Feyland. Supposedly the latest full-sim game, Feyland is incredibly realistic and it has somehow started to affect real life. After the lead game developer dies jennet knows that somehow the game is responsible and she must find someone to help her regain her mortal essence before the game finds a way to fully enter reality. I really enjoyed Feyland, I loved the original concept that has been so very well done by the author. The characters are very likable - jennet the rich girl who has everything and her opposite Tam, the poor boy who lives with his mad mum and strange younger brother in the axe. Brought together through their love of gaming they must overcome their differences to save the world. Anthea Sharp has created a book that everyone will enjoy with its mix of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, family issues and even a little romance. There is truly something for everyone. I am looking forwards to the next book in the series to see what happens next to Jennet, Tam and the world of Feyland.Reviewed for reders favourite.