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Eternal - J.A. Belfield Before reading this book I thought that it was just a paranormal romance and I didn’t realise that it was also historical. I still liked it though which was a surprise considering that I usually hate historical romances. It shows how good this book is that despite it being in a genre that I normally don’t like I am still giving it four stars. I loved this take on werewolf legends with our protagonist Jem being the only known female werewolf. As you would expect this leads to lots of tension, as despite having a mate all the male werewolves are after Jem. Jem’s mate Sean is a sexy alpha male werewolf and is certainly a character to drool over. I was also very intrigued by another character and I really hope he features in some future books – you’ll have to read this book to find out who I’m on about.Despite this being a prequel to darkness and light, I would recommend reading darkness and light first as there were a few times when I was a little confused. You can read this book first but it’s probably better to read it later to gain some backstory. This book has definitely made me interested in the rest of the series as the author has a beautiful writing style and she has managed to get a well-developed story into this short book (something that many authors fail to do) so I can’t wait to see how well in depth and developed a full length novel by her would be.*This book was provided to me by the publisher for review. In no way has this affected my review*