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The Green Rose - Stephanie Burkhart When a rogue mage threatens the peace of the continent of Gaia, Sonia of Tapin and Ivánstan of Daháka must journey together to find the legendary Green Rose; a magical rose created hundreds of years earlier to defeat a dark wizard and the creatures he commanded. On their travels the two must fight the traitors who wish to see them fail in their mission as well as their attraction to one another. Merely finding the rose won’t be enough as they must also keep it safe from those who would use its powers for harm as they rush to defeat the mage in time to save those that they love.Stephanie Burkhart has a great balance between the romance and the action creating a story that will be enjoyed by both fans of fantasies and romances as neither of the two elements over powers the other. The fantasy world Is well developed with people of noble birth having magic in their blood and the ability to bond to an animal. I loved the characters of Ivánstan and Sonia and the romance growing between them was sweet and believable. The two protagonists were also brilliant, especially Gabriel as he is just so easy to hate and so you really wish for him to be defeated. This book is short for a fantasy but the length really seems to be perfect as the story doesn’t seem either rushed or dragged out. I would definitely recommend this book and I plan to read more by Stephanie Burkhart in the future.Reviewed for Readers Favourite