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Rebel Heart - Lizzy Ford It is 2135 and after violent nuclear attacks on the east coast of America, it is security expert and analyst Lana’s job to assess the damage and to rebuild all critical infrastructure systems. Lana has no one in her life except guardian, the alluring mysterious man she has never met but who has helped her through the confusion of the attacks. At first the nukes seem to be caused by the rebellion against the government but Lana uncovers startling information that causes her to flee from safety with a devastating secret straight into the arms of her guardian and the rebellion. Lana might just have to learn to trust and love those she fears to prevent more destruction. I really enjoyed this book; I loved how smart Lana was whilst at the same time being so innocent as to the truths of the world. Brady is such a strong, sexy and swoon-worthy character many readers will totally wish that he was real. The relationship between the characters could have been a tad more developed but I still thought it was very good and well-written. I loved that despite this being a romance, quite a lot of action occurred. The storyline and plot is very strong which is something I find lacking in many romances. Overall I found the romance sweet and the action incredible, and the plot kept me hooked until the very end. Lizzy Ford writes excellent romances that prove the plot of a book doesn’t have to suffer to show the romance between the characters.reviewed for readers favourite.