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Masquerade  - Cambria Hebert Heven used to be pretty, popular and the future head cheerleader but that was before. Before something happened that she can’t remember and she was left with three long scars on her face. Now she has lost everything and feels like she will never be normal, that is until she meets Sam. He makes Heven feel pretty again and confident enough to try to live. But Sam is hiding something, there is more to him than meets the eye and if Heven finds out his secret she may never feel safe again.I love the protagonist Heven; she is just inherently good and the sort of person you will struggle to dislike. The chapters alternate between Heven perspective and Sam’s and it gives you a really good insight into both characters and the story. There is lots of mystery especially with some of the short chapters from another perspective. This book really got me emotionally involved and I felt very sad for some of the characters at times, only talented authors can make you feel for the characters that much.I loved the supernatural elements to this book; Cambria hasn’t just used traditional paranormal creatures but instead used some that are a little more unusual. It makes this book more individual and unique than others that are available. I would definitely recommend this to lovers of paranormal romance, and I am looking forwards to reading Charade.