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Witchblood - Emma Mills After being attacked by a girl gang and left for dead, Jessica finds herself being turned into a vampire by a gorgeous boy she had seen only minutes earlier. Trying to leave her old life and her boyfriend Luke behind is hard especially as Jess appears more human than a vampire should; after all craving toast isn’t usual vampire behaviour. Jess is caught between her first love Luke who seems to be hiding something and Daniel, her vampire saviour who is her protector when unknown powers put her in danger.I thought this book was absolutely amazing, it is unlike any vampire book I have ever read before and its individuality keeps on increasing the further into the book you read. The vampires are dark and sexy and exactly as a vampire should be. Jessica’s secret heritage means she has powers that make her more than just your average Vampire and she struggles to get control throughout the book. Daniel is deliciously sexy and I definitely want Jessica to forget about Luke so they can be together.Witchblood has some surprising twists and turns which left me shocked and made the story more amazing and complex. I am looking forwards to seeing what Emma Mills will do with book two as Vampires, Angels and Witches are a very interesting combination. This book beautifully sets up the series and I can tell that Witchcraft is going to be amazing.