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Faelorehn (The Otherworld Trilogy, #1) - Jenna Elizabeth Johnson 2.5 starsLet me start by saying this is probably one of the hardest reviews I have ever written because this book just had so little impact for me. I’m not saying it was bad, in fact I remember thinking when I finished the book that I sort of liked it, but now (only a few days later) I can hardly remember anything about it, and that isn’t good.This book is based on the Fae and Celtic mythology; it is very good in this respect, quite unique and really interesting. The characters are what let the book down, there isn’t much substance to them and I felt they were under developed. The romance between the two main characters felt forced, like the author had put it in because she felt she had to rather than because that was what worked best for the book. Also, this book is yet another case of the girl deciding she loves the guy after they have spoken about twice, and the very predictable big misunderstanding that nearly ruins everything and is caused entirely by the main character just being an idiot. Sigh. The idea and basic storyline behind the book is good; it just needs more development for the characters and their romance, a little more action and a general polish and it could be a very good book. In my opinion it is not there yet though. Give this book a try if you like fiction based on mythology as that aspect of the book is very good.*I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my review in anyway*