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Phoenix Rising (Maggie Henning & The Realm #1) - Lisa  Morgan Phoenix Rising is overall a very good book. There are some parts of this book that didn’t quite work for me but there were also more than enough truly incredible moments to balance it out. It takes a few chapters to really get into the book as the flow to the story feels a little off at the beginning, but this problem resolves itself once the action starts and the authors writing style is clearly very good. Another little thing that I felt didn’t work was the lack of explanation of what exactly a Phoenix is. I might have not noticed it but I am pretty sure that it is never explained. I mean, I managed to guess myself what it was but after reading the detailed explanations of other supernatural creatures it seemed a little odd that the main creature (one that also is not very common in other books) was not properly explained. I also thought it was strange that Maggie finding out she is a Phoenix basically goes like this – “Maggie You’re a Phoenix” “Ok”. It just did not match how inquisitive Maggie seemed throughout every other part of the book.Now that I have mentioned the bits that I felt didn’t work, now onto the bits that I loved (and this is pretty much every other aspect of the book). For me one of the strongest parts of the book is the romance, even though it is not the main aspect of the book it is brilliantly well developed and I truly believed in it. I love it when an author gets me so invested in the characters that I feel every bit of emotion that they have and Lisa has managed to do that. In the final few scenes ***Minor Spoilers Ahead*** I felt so heartbroken that I wanted to cry and scream “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!” to the author (in a good way).I am definitely going to be reading the second book as I feel really involved with the characters and I need to know what happens next, especially after what was hinted might be possible at the very end. Lisa Morgan has created very believable characters and a great world that is definitely worth reading about.*I recieved a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my review in any way*