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Breathe  - Sarah Crossan This review and others can also be found on http://www.booksishtreasures.blogspot.comI really enjoyed Breathe though I knew I probably would. You hand me a book with a controlling government, conspiracies and rebels and it is pretty much guaranteed that I will like it. Breathe is not the best dystopian I have read but it is still very good and worth reading.The concept behind Breathe is amazing: a treeless world with no oxygen where all the survivors live in a pod controlled by the BREATHE corporation, deep dark secrets that the government is hiding, two divided social classes and “terrorists” who only wish to live free from the pod.One of my favourite parts to Breathe was the romance. There is a love triangle BUT it is a two girl’s one boy love triangle which made it interesting and different. The romance isn’t an overwhelming aspect to this book; it is very sweet and just plays a small part in the storyline which I loved. The action, adventure and rebellion took centre stage in this book.Breathe had some characters that are definitely going to become all-time favourites of mine. I loved all three of the main characters and I thought it was great that we got the story from all of their POV’s. Both Alina and Bea were such strong characters and they complemented each other well; the ruthless rebel who wants to live in a world with trees, and the incredibly intelligent, kind-hearted auxiliary. I liked Quinn too, out of all the characters he was the one who developed and grew the most.After finishing reading Breathe I was left wanting more and I have one huge question that I really hope is answered in the next book. I am really looking forwards to reading more of the series. If you love dystopian novels you should definitely try reading this one; I think you will love it.