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Residue - Laury Falter Having read and loved some of the books in Laury’s Guardian series I was really excited to read another one of her series’. This is a Romeo and Juliet style tale of forbidden love and feuding families with a magical twist.I loved the start of the book as we were instantly thrown into the story. From Jocelyn discovering that there is more to her family than she would have ever guessed to the very end and the final moment, this book never once gets boring. There is action, mystery, magic, romance and even the occasional dash of humour.This book for me is a rare example of when an insta-love style romance works. There was a reason behind their instant attraction and the author also didn’t overdo it. Rather than Jocelyn and Jameson madly professing their love upon meeting one another it is more of a connection that neither of them can ignore. Even with the mystical element behind it I thought their romance seemed very realistic; it was also tender and sweet and a joy to read. I love how Laury Falter’s books often have an element of voodoo to them. That isn’t something you see very often with books and it fits in perfectly with the New Orleans setting. This book has a level of uniqueness that makes it amazing and memorable. I definitely want more from these characters and I plan to read the later books in the series.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this had not effected my opinions or rating in any way.*