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Edge of Truth - Natasha Hanova 3.5 starsEdge of Truth was a decent book. I liked the mix of dystopian and paranormal elements. You don’t see that very often so it makes the book stand out. Rena is a great character, she is strong, smart and she doesn’t just blindly listen to whatever she is told to do. Nevan is a pretty swoon-worthy guy; you can see why Rena has had a crush on him for so long. The relationship between them is very sweet; I just wish we had seen more of it. I am hoping Edge of Truth is the start of a series so that their relationship can be further explored.I liked the characters “voices”. The way they spoke and the slang terms they used made them seem more realistic. It is how you could imagine people possibly speaking in the future.The dystopian world of this book is interesting but we get to see surprisingly little of it. A few things are briefly mentioned such as the conservation laws, synbot's and some school system that wasn't quite described enough for me to fully understand. I would have liked to know more and in more detail. Overall the world building isn't quite as good as I have come to expect from a YA dystopian.I hope this book has a sequel. The ending ties things up pretty well as far as the challenge the characters face is concerned but there is so much more I want to know. For starters, how the world got the way it is, more about the state of the world and I want to see more of Rena and Nevan’s relationship. There was also a character that seemed like he might be pretty important who helped briefly only to then not be mentioned again. In my mind there is too much left unsaid for it to be a standalone.I would recommend this book to people who prefer not to be overloaded with details. Despite its issues I did still find Edge of Truth to be a highly enjoyable read. The Dystopian/paranormal mix makes it worth reading also.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way*