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Immortals And Melodies (Blood And Guitars #2) - Heather Jensen Being in love with a vampire is never easy. Having fought for their relationship, famous rock star Trey only has a few weeks to wait until he can be made immortal by his girlfriend Aurora. But the course of true love never did run smooth, and despite the troubles they have already faced, Trey and Aurora must continue fighting against those who do not wish them to see them together. Trey has to deal with the release of his latest album whilst trying to avoid those who have already tried to kill him and things won’t necessarily get any easier if he manages to become a vampire.The sequel to the amazing blood and guitars I was eagerly awaiting reading this book and it didn’t disappoint. Where most 2nd books fall flat, Heather Jensen has risen to the challenge and created a sequel that has even more action, romance and suspense than the first. The relationship between the two main characters matures and deepens and other secondary characters are well developed. As with the first book music plays a large part of the storyline with most of the book being about how Trey juggles his music world – band practices, video shoots and album releases – with the world of the vampires. I love the music element of the book as it is part of what makes it unique. This is a lovely sequel to a great first book and I feel that Heather is most certainly a leading author in her genre. I have loved both books so far and now I am very excited for book 3, Fangs and Fame.Reviewed for Readers Favourite