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No Reverse - Marion Croslydon This review and other can be found at http://www.bookishtreasures.blogspot.comThe storyline of this book is not something I have seen before in a New Adult romance. Cassie and Josh were high school sweethearts but after a pregnancy, shotgun marriage and an abortion they went their separate ways. After 5 years Josh wants a divorce so Cassie goes to visit him in England as she has a secret she has been hiding from him. At first I was confused by Cassie's motives as I was surprised she was so unwilling to let Josh go after such a long time but everything makes itself clear in the end. I loved the secret/twist in this book as it added another unique element. This book also keeps you on your toes with lots of twists and turns so that you aren't sure how it will end. Like real life it isn't simple. I loved the connection between Cassie on Josh. They were each others first true loves and haven't lost that even after 5 years. Due to the nature of their break up their passion never fading nor were either of them able to let go and move on. They have great chemistry and though they have a troubled past together you will most likely find yourself rooting for their relationship. This book had some great secondary characters. Two I liked so much that I wish the book had ended differently. Josh's fiancée Lenor is the exact opposite to Cassie, she is rich, posh and privileged but she is also incredibly nice and hard to dislike. She is also head over heels in love with Josh and nothing, not even a wife she never knew about, will change that. Sam is gorgeous, sexy and incredibly sweet. I look forwards to seeing more about these characters in future books by this author. No reverse has a sequel but the ending isn't a cliff hanger and the characters get their happily ever after for now. I would recommend No Reverse to all New Adult romance fans.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way*