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My name is Laura and I am a huge fan of YA, NA and fantasy novels. I proudly support both indie and traditionally published authors. You can check out my blog for reviews, interviews, guest posts and more at http://www.bookishtreasures.blogspot.com

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At the End - John Hennessy The world as we know it is at the end. 38 billion people have disappeared in only three days, strange marks are appearing on peoples doors and a giant spaceship can be seen in the sky. Inexplicably best friends Darrel, Felix and Maggy have remained untaken. Armed only with stolen hunting gear and maggy’s trusty axe, they must fight for their continuing survival against the aliens – make that alions – that have invaded the planet. Living in this post-apocalyptic world is hard; not only are there alions to deal with but also psychopaths, illness and the day to day problems of being a teenager. As the mystery as to the alions arrival starts to be uncovered, all three along with a few new friends take it upon themselves to save what is left of the world. Or die trying.At the end is a fun read for teenagers. The book has comedic moments which help to offset the level of gore and horror. You are thrown right into the action with only a few pages before the running and fighting commences. This book isn’t particularly believable does it does fit in very well with other books of this genre. The characters are funny and enjoyable and I constantly found myself rooting for their survival as they kept on making it against all the odds. I don’t know how they survive for the length of time they do, especially considering the amount of car crashes they are involved in, I think they must be superhuman. Despite the constant running the real action does take some time to start but the book gets better and better the more you read. Overall a decent book.Reviewed for readers favourite.