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Charade - Cambria Hebert Heven’s life may have been saved but it means she now has a very large debt to repay. As the guardian of a list of everyone who will bring good to humanity everyone in Hell will now do anything to get hold of her and the treasure she carries. The only people she can rely on for help are her friends but as they are starting to act weird can she really trust them.Charade is brilliant, it is even better than Masquerade so if you liked the first you will love the second. I really liked the new characters especially Logan, he adds a lot of intrigue as it is impossible to guess what he is up to. This book has lots of twists and turns and so many surprises that you don’t expect. I loved the suspense. Sam and Heven’s relationship develops really well; the romance is just so believable. We get to find out a lot more about some of the other characters in this book which added more depth that the last book didn’t have.The ending left me shocked, I just couldn’t believe it and now I am desperate to read book three. I definitely recommend reading this, and if you haven’t read Masquerade yet then READ IT NOW.