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Frost Arch (The Fire Mage Trilogy, #1) - Kate Bloomfield Imagine a future where your status depends entirely on the strength of your magical abilities, the strongest mages are the ruling class whilst those with no power – humans – can only ever be slaves and are seen as worse than animals. This is the world that 18 year old Avalon Redding lives in, as an average level fire mage she finds work as a servant to a powerful family after running away from home to escape the risk of hiding the fact that her sister is human. I really enjoyed this book; I particularly liked the fact that it is a fantasy with the twist of having a dystopian setting. Avalon is different from most protagonists as the author has made her more realistic instead of perfect. She is quite selfish, she never thinks before she acts and she assumes that she can trust everyone. She has lots of flaws and I think that is what makes her perfect; she is a believable and lovable character. Frost Arch doesn’t have much romance but there are lots of true friendship and the possibility for romance in later books in this series.The only problem with Frost Arch is the occasional spelling and grammar mistakes as they were common enough to reduce my enjoyment of the book. I know that with self-published books it is almost expected that there will be some editing problems and I normally ignore them but there was just too many. If some more proof reading was done this book would definitely be worthy of receiving 5 stars as the characters, plot and writing are all superb.Kate Bloomfield has done an incredible job with this book and I will most certainly be reading her other books in the future and I am looking forwards to book 2 of The Fire Mage Trilogy. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my review in any way*