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Crux - Julie Reece 3.5 starsWhen 18 year old, homeless Birdie receives over $300,000 and a key from a mysterious crazy guy giving away his money in the street she thinks all her problems may finally be solved. Unfortunately for Birdie, nothing is ever simple and she will have to fight dark forces to save both herself and those she loves.This book is very intriguing and the idea behind it is amazing. However, at times the flow of the book felt a bit off and I also sometimes had to reread a section to be able to understand it. Despite this, Crux is still a very enjoyable book with lovable characters and some brilliant plot twists.Birdie is a great protagonist; she is homeless through no fault of her own but is not at all bitter about it. She has a great strength inside which makes her a brave and determined character who wants to do the right thing; she is a great role model. I think this book will be loved by fans of PNR/UF. It is different to most other books out there and different is generally good.*This book was provided to me by the publisher for review. In no way has this affected my review*