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A Cat's Chance in Hell (Hellcat, #1) - Sharon Hannaford Gabrielle is a hunter for the Malus Venatori killing rogue vampires and werewolves as well as dealing with any demons that enter the city. She is so good at what she does that she is known as Angeli Morte – the angel of death – by the creatures that she hunts, but her friends just call her hellcat. After being kidnapped by the city’s master vampire, Gabi learns that she and the rest of the SMV only have 4 days to save the city from a demon attack and their only chance of survival lies in an alliance with the vampires. In addition to saving the city, Gabi must also discover the full truth of her semi supernatural abilities whilst also fighting her attraction to Julian, the powerful vampire who she is not sure that she can trust.This book is absolutely incredible! If you love a feisty kick-ass heroine, a swoon worthy hero and a battle between good and evil this is most certainly the book for you. I loved the character of Gabi, Strong, smart and she never gives up. The supporting characters are brilliant too, Kyle is great as the brotherly best friend and I wish I had a cat like razor. The action in this book is exciting and I just couldn’t stop reading. A Cats Chance in hell would be enjoyed by fans of books by Chloe Neill and Jennifer Estep as well as people who love a strong female lead character. I am looking forwards to reading more about these characters in the next book.Revieved for readers favourite