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My name is Laura and I am a huge fan of YA, NA and fantasy novels. I proudly support both indie and traditionally published authors. You can check out my blog for reviews, interviews, guest posts and more at http://www.bookishtreasures.blogspot.com

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Holding On (Memories, #1.5) - Emma  Hart This review and others can be found on http://www.bookishtreasures.blogspot.comSometimes for me novellas don’t always work but I think Holding On definitely did. Rather than being a full standalone story it shows us Alec and Lexi’s move to London together and properly introduces feelings between characters that will be greater explored in future books. It works well as a transitional novel between Never Forget and the soon to be released sequel Always Remember.This book is from 4 different points of view, Alec and Lexi with their sweet loving romance, and Jen and Bing with their love/hate relationship. Jen is one of my favourite characters in any book; fierce, protective and very smart mouthed. Her often hilarious comments keep the book very light and I loved her and Bing’s constant banter. Not too much happens in this book and it only covers a short span of time but it works for the length of the book. There is a little drama in the book but it mainly introduces a few new characters and the relationship between Jen and Bing. For those of you who are anxious for the sequel of Never Forget this may help you wait a little longer.I wanted to see more of the characters but after all thats what the next book is for! From the ending I am very excited to see what will happen in Always Remember which I have heard is about Jen and Bing.*I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way*