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Legend  - Marie Lu

This book is absolutely amazing. Normaly i read reviews about books for ages before buying them, but i bought this book on the spur of the moment whilst inside my favourite bookshop sheltering from the rain. I am so glad i did. I love this sort of dystopian/post apocalyptic book and this is definately one of the best i have read.


The storyline is engaging and axciting and I loved how the POV constanly shifted between june and day, giving an insight into their world that could not be gained from only one characters POV. I thought it was very well written, with the two characters chapters having a slightly different style of writing which helped to distinguish whom the chapter was about.


This book kept me constantly on my toes wanting to know what would happen next, and as soon as I thought I knew what was going on or what was going to happen the author would surprise me with something entirely different to what I was expecting. The excitement I felt whilst I was reading this book I haven't felt since I first read the hunger games. Overall a simply amazing book and a must read for all fans of the hunger games and other YA dystopias.