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101 is a dark version of the future where all criminals – no matter the reason for the crime – are locked away in townships to fend for themselves. After Trigg and his sister Ren shoot their abusive father, they are both sentenced to township 101, a place where only the strong survive and the weak must either toughen up or become one of the many casualties of 101.


All the characters in this book complement each other very well. Trigg, peaceful and non-confrontational but willing to do anything for his sister Ren who cares for him just as much but is tough enough to protect them both. The antagonist Ace is ruthless, violent and willing to do anything to have complete control over 101. All the secondary characters are just as multi-faceted and well developed, from tough and mean but loyal Pitnar to kind and caring victim of coincidence Keely and finally Bobby Joe, who just wants to survive in 101 until she is released and can make a new life for herself.


Margaret Chatwin has written a book that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let you go. Even after you have finished 101 it will be branded on your brain and you won’t be able to stop various scenes from replaying in your head. This is a book that makes you think. The problems that are faced in township 101 are problems that occur all over the world.


I’m really hoping that the author writes more books in the world of 101 as there seems to be so much more to explore. Fingers crossed that we get to hear more about Trigg and Ren in the future.


*This book was provided to me by the publisher for review. In no way has this affected my review*