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Open Minds - Susan Kaye Quinn

It’s 100 hundred years in the future and for the past few generations everyone has been a reader – someone with the ability to read minds and have all their thoughts heard by the rest of the world. Unlike everyone else, 16 year old Kira Moore is a zero, unable to read minds or have hers read by others. Kira knows that being a zero means she will be a second class citizen all her life and she can’t think of anything worse. Until one day at school Kira discovers a new skill, the ability to control people’s minds. With the help of new friend Simon, Kira pretends to be an ordinary reader to hide what she is from the government, a Mindjacker. After all, when the first readers appeared they were locked away and experimented on, so god only knows what the government would do to Mindjackers. If Kira isn’t careful she might just find out.


This book is amazing, i love dystopian books and open minds is definitely one of my new favourites. Susan Quinn has created a masterpiece that stands out in what is becoming one of the most popular genres in young adult literature. An original concept together with an engaging plot and interesting characters make this book a truly superb read. I really loved the characters especially the two love interests, Kira’s best friend Raf and bad boy Simon. The book is fast paced and exciting with some shocking twists that I most certainly did not see coming. The ending is outstanding and I am very eagerly awaiting the next book in the series so I can see the affect that Kira’s actions have had on her world. I think this book is definitely a future hit and is most certainly worth reading.


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