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Caught Up in Us - Lauren Blakely This review ad others can be found at http://www.bookishtreasures.blogspot.comCaught Up In Us is the perfect feel good book. It is sweet, sexy, romantic, funny and just plain enjoyable to read. This book has become very successful very fast and you can see why. Caught Up In Us has a few slightly drama filled moments but mainly it is very light hearted and just makes you smile. It is very short but i think Lauren pulled it off; it managed to still seem like a complete and well developed storyline despite its length.Kat is a great character, she is very smart and independent. She is unwilling to trust Bryan and let him into her heart because of how he broke it in the past. It is great to see her gradually remove the walls she has placed around her heart with his help. They are such a great couple that are clearly made for each other and you want so much for them to get their happily ever after.One thing i loved about this book is all the flashbacks. It almost runs as two time periods - present time and when they first met 5 years earlier. It helps to highlight how the characters have changed and matured as well as giving us all the back story.This is a book i would recommend 100% to fans of NA and romance as well as anyone who is looking for a short sweet read. This author clearly has so much potential and i think there is a chance she will become a must read author whom the world will talk about.*I recieved this book from the author in exchange for a honest review, this has not affected my thoughts on the book in any way*