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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines The Vincent Boys is simply fantastic. The story of a girl whose heart is torn between two boys, her perfect boyfriend Sawyer who is loved and admired by all and his cousin Beau, the local bad boy who is sexy and irresistible.There are several reasons why I think The Vincent Boys is incredible and here are just a few of them.Even though it is a YA book it is a lot more mature and sexy than most, so if like me you are on the higher side of the young adult age bracket (or are older than that) and are a little fed up with romance that is on the level of what a 13 year old would experience then this is perfect. (The new version has a few extra steamy scenes and is a full NA novel)Abbi Glines is amazing at writing beautiful romances which still have a strong plot. Every single aspect of her writing is excellent and you won’t find anything lacking. The characters are well developed, they have their good and bad points and they seem like real people (some I wish were real). Every second of the story seems so real and you can almost see it happening around you.Ashton is a pretty great main character, she starts off just wanting to please everyone and be perfect but throughout the book you get to see her growth and development as she realises that is not the most important thing in life.Finally, the best thing about this book and why reading it isn’t an option but a necessity, Beau Vincent. The guy is just hot. Each snarky, sexy word out of his mouth will make you weak at the knees and you will wish you were Ashton. In fact you will wish that he was real. He is truly just the ultimate bad boy that all bad boys in any future book should be based on. I definitely recommend this book, it is one of my all-time favourites and I am sure that it will be yours too.