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Sleepers - Megg Jensen

Lianne was one of three babies given by her defeated homeland to the land of Fithia as a peace offering after a great war. All her life she has been raised to believe that her homeland is magic less, defeated and weak, until her 16th birthday when a spell placed on Lianne as a baby ends and she discovers that much she has believed to be the truth is actually a lie.


With those supposed to guide her through her awakening dead, she must rely on fellow adoptees Kellan and Bryden for the truth. When everyone has a hidden agenda how will Lianne decide who to trust? Will she follow her heart or will she allow herself to be led astray?


I found this book to be a very enjoyable read. At first sleepers seems like a traditional, predictable fantasy book but there are many surprises that make it far from predictable. I loved the element of mystery in this book and the twists in the plot kept me guessing throughout.


I liked the characters, especially Lianne and Bryden and can’t wait to see them developed further in the rest of the series. This book just kept on getting better and better as I got further through it and the end was simply amazing, an action packed rollercoaster of surprises and excitement. I can’t wait for the second book in this fantastic new trilogy and I will be very eagerly awaiting its release.


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