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Dinner With a Vampire - Abigail Gibbs 4.5 starsI had heard quite a lot about this book, and after several people telling me how good it was I decided to give it ago. I most certainly wasn’t disappointed and I really do think that this book lives up to the hype. After all, in its original form it gained millions of readers on Wattpad who loved it and that many people aren’t normally wrong.There seems to be some confusion as to the target age of this book, even though the ‘voice’ of this book seems quite YA there is some very dark content that is certainly not suitable for younger teenagers and does make this book more Adult. Personally I would say that this book is good for ages 16+. I found this book to be perfect and exactly the sort of thing I want to read, and I am 19 so that kind of shows the age this book is aimed at. For any people who are unsure whether to read this book due to the author’s age, Abigail’s writing does not seem like that of an 18 year old but instead of someone much older. The plot is well thought out and written and I just loved the characters. Violet is the best type of female protagonist; she doesn’t just mope around and swoon over boys, she has a strong personality and she is pretty damn cool. Kaspar is probably one of the best characters ever written; sexy, stuck up, kind of a jerk, and completely irresistible. He has so much depth than most characters in books, there is more to him than just being a sexy hero who has no personality what so ever and is only there to sweep the heroine of her feet.Another part of this book I really liked is the fact that the vampires are REAL vampires rather than goody goody never hurt anything vampires. They hunt and kill and don’t mind admitting it, after all, it is what they must do to survive. There are scenes with the vampires hunting animals and attacking humans that actually managed to make me shiver. There are some very good action scenes in this book as well as a bit of mystery and the perfect amount of romance.I have only one bad thing to say about this book and it is that one thing didn’t make sense to me. Throughout the book everyone says that the only option that won’t end badly is for Violet to choose to turn, that killing her or forcing her to turn would just cause humans to turn against vampires and lots of people would die. That makes sense but what doesn’t is why they don’t just let her go home, I mean surely that would keep everyone happy and it would be win win. I would understand if they were worried about everyone finding out about vampires, but Violet’s dad and several important people know of their existence so could surely keep her quiet. Maybe an explanation for this not being an option was mentioned but if it was I didn’t notice it. The Last Heroine is still incredible but this little reason is why I didn’t feel I could give it 5 stars.The Last Heroine starts off as just a Vampire novel but develops and becomes more complex throughout adding other elements of paranormal and some fantasy. From the ending it seems like this is going to be a series and I am so excited for the next book. I can’t wait to see how incredible Abigail’s writing is going to be when she has more experience and is older; if her current skill level is any indication she is probably going to be one of the best writers out there in a few more years.