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Make it Last - Bethany Lopez Brianna thought she would be with her high school sweetheart Colin forever. She certainly wasn’t expecting him to break up with her to focus on football and college parties. Four years later her life is finally getting back on track, her heart has mostly mended and her dreams of being a chef are within reach. When Colin returns with his dreams of being a football star in tatters Brianna realises she may not be as over him as she had thought. She may still love him but can she ever forgive him and allow him into her life again?I really enjoyed this book. It is a short, sweet read that many people will enjoy. To start I didn’t like Colin due to the way he left Brianna but the author really developed him throughout the book It was great watching the characters mature and become adults who put other people before themselves. The characters and their emotions were realistic making the book an engaging read. I was torn between wanting Brianna to forgive Colin or not but I love the way the book turned out. Bethany Lopez has created a world and characters that I want to keep on reading about; I want to see a couple of the secondary characters get their happily ever after. This book is a great set up for a series mentioning several characters who obviously have stories to be told and I hope we will get to see that. Overall I would recommend this to all lovers of a sweet romance that also don’t mind a sex scene or two.Reviewed for Readers Favourite