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When Destiny Knocks (Destiny Saga, #1) - Heather M. White After the death of her mum, 16 year old Karlie is forced to leave New York and move in with her dad and that is when everything starts to change. Once your average teenage girl, Karlie is starting to accidently cause things through her emotions, she never sleeps, her new friends are strangely overprotective, and she feels a strange connection to one of the boys in her new school. When she discovers the existence of angels and demons Karlie begins to realise that she is far from normal.I really enjoyed this book, I love strong female characters and Karlie is most definitely one of the strongest out of most books I have read. The romantic elements in this book were very good and I loved the fact that all of Shane’s family want her dead and he was actually supposed to kill her, talk about not getting along with the family. The ending was a definite shock although I was expecting something from that character. I can’t wait to read more about Karlie and her friends and I am looking forwards to reading the second book in the series.Overall a great YA urban fantasy and a must read.