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Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper

After the brutal murder of her family 17 year old Maryah moves to Sedona to live with her god parents who hide a secret - they are perpetually reincarnated souls with supernatural gifts who have chosen to live all of their lives together. Maryah unaware of the fact that she has known them all for hundreds of years as in her previous life she did the unimaginable, she chose to forget everything.


For her soul mate Nathan there is nothing more painful than looking at the person you love and knowing that they cannot remember you as they willingly gave up their memories. Despite the pain Nathan must hold it together so he can protect Maryah and the rest of his kindrily and if he’s lucky Maryah might regain her memories. After all, love always perseveres, or does it?


Grasping at Eternity is a beautiful book about the power of love and family. Rather than sticking to pre-made supernatural creatures, Karen has made her own, the Kindrily, reincarnated souls who have the power to remember previous lives and to choose where they end up in their future lives. Hooper has a beautiful and flowing writing style that when mixed with her vivid characters and engaging plot draws you deep into the world of the Kindrily.


Grasping at Eternity is a refreshing change from the overdone storylines about vampires and werewolves that generally dominate this genre. Karen Amanda Hooper is definitely an author to look out for as her original plots and believable characters make all her books that of a five star standard.


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