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Review of Elite

Elite - Rachel Van Dyken

So this book has me torn. Whilst I did enjoy it overall, Elite certainly has its faults. My main issues were all surrounding the believability of the storyline. I can’t go into much detail due to the fact they are all pretty big spoilers so I’m going to be brief.


The storyline started off strong but as we started to get into the twists and revelations the plot started to unravel slightly. Once you find out who “The Elect” are it makes absolutely no sense for them to be so powerful in a College that is full of the children of world leaders and other immensely powerful people.


The school itself also didn’t make sense, from the people who ran it to the way that all the students acted like they were 13 rather than 18 -22. Oh and they have uniforms.


(For review with spoilers go to the url provided)


It just seemed to me that when the first part of the book was written the author hadn’t yet decided what was going to happen later in the book and she simply never got around to changing the stuff that then didn’t make sense. Throughout this book I felt like I was reading an early draft that hadn’t yet been checked for content issues.


I really wasn’t sure what to think about the romance in this book. Whilst I love reading about a good dysfunctional romance, Trace and Nixon take dysfunctional to a whole new level. Nixon and his friends do some horrible things to Tracey that you couldn’t imagine being easily forgiven (if ever) then once they find out… something, they start to be nice to her and she instantly forgives them. I did like Tracey and Nixon’s connection; they have so much chemistry and passion together. At the moment I do not like Nixon as a love interest, whilst Trace could forgive him for being a huge ass I cant that easily. I much preferred Chase as a potential love interest as he appeared to show some humanity towards Trace. Well, until…. Something else that is a spoiler I can’t mention.

Now on to what I liked about this book. I loved the authors writing, she captured the emotion brilliantly and I really felt for Trace. I even teared up slightly at one point. Other than the parts that don’t make sense and could do with being explained or changed I enjoyed the storyline. I liked both the poor farm girl at a school of rich people element and what it later twisted into. The unique plot was a nice refreshing change to read.


This is the first in a series and I do plan to pick up book 2. Hopefully reading it will have this book make more sense and I also want to see what happens next. I was certainly hooked in and fascinated by the ending. I do think Elite shows a lot of potential for improvement later in the series and for other books by this author. I am looking forwards to reading something else by Rachel Van Dyken. I was unsure what rating I was going to give this book, either 2 or 3, simply because it has me wanting to read the next book I will give it 3.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way.*

Source: http://bookishtreasures.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/review-of-elite-eagle-elite-1.html